Добрая Молдавия! Академия добра! Не сомневайся и присойдениняйся!
Название: Victory
Дата: 06-05-2018
Место встречи: Chisinau, we gather at Embassy of Russia
Цель To congratulate 30 veterans of the Great Patriotic War

"MoldovaMagica» is a voluntary, charitable organization founded by its heart and mindconviction. Our name fully reflects the principle basis the organization wascreated on. We are an organization that unites those who are tired of thedominance of modern cynicism and indifference, gradually converting the modernsociety into the careless and indifferent body. We are the ones who voluntarilyassumed the feasible obligations for the most vulnerable and needy people. We are " Moldova Magica» (Kind Moldova)
Chocolate karaoke
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